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Project Statistics

Client Services° Multiple Projects? Sq ft State Years Misc
Auto Parts Retailer PM, SP, ID, MM Y 490,000 VA, NC, NV, CA, MN 2012-2016 Prime Consultant
Industrial Manufacturing Co. SP N 43,800 VA 2005 Prime Consultant
Transport Mfg. Co. PM, MM, SP Y 200,000 VA 2002, 2003, 2007 Prime and 2nd Tier Consultant
Insurance Co. PM, SP, FM, ID Y 1,000,000 VA 2nd Tier Consultant
Healthcare System SP N 72,000 VA 2006, 2007 Prime Consultant
Financial Services Co. MM Y 491,000 VA 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 Prime Consultant
Electronics Retailer PM, MM, SP, FM Y 1,000,000 VA 2003-2007 Prime Consultant
Local Government MM Y 313,000 VA 2008 Prime and 2nd Tier Consultant
Utility PM, ID, MM Y 6,000 VA 2011, 2014, 2015 Prime Consultant
Insurance Company MM N 16,200 VA Prime Consultant
Transportation Co. PM, FM, Furn Mgt Y 300,000 VA, NJ 2006-2016 Prime Consultant
Higher Education MM Y 23,850 VA 2006, 2016 Prime Consultant
Higher Education MM, PM Y 500,000 VA 2011-2013 Prime and 2nd Tier Consultant
Financial Services Co. PM, SP, MM, ID, FM Y 2,250,000 VA, NC 1998-2001, 2003-2016 Prime Consultant
Financial Services Co. PM, MM Y 6,000 VA 2015-2016 Prime Consultant
Retirement Community PM,CM Y VA 2006 Prime Consultant
°Services: PM=project management, SP=?, ID=?, MM=?, FM=?, CM=?

Representative Projects

Case Study: National Brokerage Firm

Project: Corporate Consolidation & Restack
Tasks: Project & Relocation Management
Size: 219,000 square feet
Location: Richmond, Virginia


A recent merger was expected to bring 1,000 employees to our clients’ Richmond headquarters. The national brokerage firm tasked its real estate division with developing a new master space utilization plan for its three primary operations and administrative centers. The corporation’s in-house resources sought tactical assistance to accomplish the project.

FM Solutions was selected to manage the restack of back office operations facilities. The dynamic nature of merger preparations resulted in constant refinements to programs and schedules, requiring nimble management from the FM Solutions team. Approximately 1,100 associates in 30 business units were relocated.

• Programming for space requirements and staffing projections
• Block diagramming of space allocations
• Schematic planning and coordination of furniture reconfigurations
• Project scheduling
• Budget tracking and reporting
• Internal rent reporting
• Move management

Having managed a previous merger-related restack for the corporation, the FM Solutions team was a top candidate for a role in the new merger. A sound relationship with the client, familiarity with its operations, and proven leadership skills made FM Solutions a natural choice. 

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Case Study: National Electronics Retailer

Project: Corporate Consolidation
Tasks: Strategic Planning, Probable Costing
Size: 880,000 square feet
Location: Richmond, Virginia


This Richmond-based retailer began an organizational restructuring and called for cost reductions across the board. Operations were centralized in three buildings totaling more than 880,000 square feet at its Store Support Center campus. Facilities staff believed that operations could be consolidated from three buildings to two, resulting in significant reduction of property costs. They needed to test and prove these beliefs quickly, but did not have the internal capacity to do so. 

FM Solutions conducted a charrette to test the concept, producing space allocation plans, cost estimates and phasing schedules within a week. The exercise demonstrated that consolidation was possible and cost savings significant, and won quick approval from upper management.

FM Solutions provided the client with project managers to implement the consolidation project, and they remained on site for the duration.

• Programming interviews
• Adjacency mapping and space planning
• Facilitation of management review and approval
• Cost estimating
• Project phasing and scheduling

FM Solutions has continued to support this client during reorganization initiatives, and also manages daily churn and large staff relocation projects.  

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Case Study: Local Government

Project: Relocation Management



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What our Clients Say: 

“We hire FM Solutions as the experts to supplement our in-house team and add capacity during peak periods.” 

“We don’t have the in-house expertise…We hire the experts and bring them in.” 

“We need someone who will understand the project in total and how it will impact us…instead of just executing the project.” 

“Thank you and your associates for the efficient and professional manner in which you handled our move” ”From the first planning meeting through post move support your team was well organized, knowledgeable, and most importantly, focused on our needs.” 

“You flawlessly executed your scope while under the constant watch of associates on the floor…after the first move I was thoroughly impressed”  “Nothing makes a Project Manager happier than to know a project partner will execute their duties and scope without additional inspection or verification”  “… exceptional services …”  

“… did everything possible to make sure our needs and wishes were accommodated. The move went very smoothly and we knew what to expect, which was extremely important to us.”   


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